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Autolife was started in April 2011 and is fast becoming one of perth’s leading automotive resource sites on the internet

Autolife Perth is now able to offer services and promotional opportunities to the automotive community on many levels , weather you run a performance shop , drag racing team , local automotive parts stockist , local mechanic , custom engineering or fabrication in the automotive field or even just a perth car cruise club looking for promotional ideas , Autolife is here to help

Below are just some of our available services


Promotional services

Autolife Perth is heavily involved in the car scene , we can promote your event to a wide scale of audiences from JDM to muscle , with this comes our services as a resource and promotions site to promote your event online and in print and as photographers to cover your event and provide feedback and reviews after it

we can also manage or help organise events at your place of business or premises , being the middle men in contacting the right clubs for the job and providing the above services during the event

also returning the favour by allowing us to promote our services at your event or function would be greatly appreciated

Free event promotion is available to all

we also have some premium options – click here

Group Bookings – Club shoots


Autolife Perth can do group bookings aswell as personal shoots of vehicles

we can help you host a photoshoot day and provide copies of awesome photos to your club members , this includes the option to buy the high resolution images or just web quality images

prices start from $30/$40 per vehicle , with a minimum of 5 vehicles and includes a online gallery of your clubs run/shoot

For an example of our club shoot work , visit

contact us for bookings and price arrangements


Private shoots –

Autolife Perth is well known for their photography and event reporting in the perth car scene , features and event articles is one of our main media types displayed throughout the site , now we would like to extend those services to private and commercial customers

the company ‘ Fully Automotive ‘ is the driving force behind the Autolife Perth success and there ability to capture some amazing photos both at events and on the street ,  together with Autolife Perth and Fully Automotive , we are now offering private shoots and photo sessions , if you think your car is not up to a feature review just yet , why not get some awesome photos still ?

All photos are shot on flagship/highend cameras using the best quality equipment and with years of experience 

All packages/sessions provide 1 hour of shooting at either day or night and a copy of the photos at medium resolution with the opportunity to purchase the high res images later , print packages and blockmounting packs also available

click here to see more info and pricing


Features –


we are always looking for cars , bikes or trucks that have history such as rebuilds , customization , uniqueness or something that appeals to other automotive enthusiasts

if you think you have a car that deserves a feature , show and and we might shoot it!

Take a look at our first feature shoot here




Streetlook project –

Streetlook has changed!!! read below! —-

the event will now consist of a night meetup in a local carpark or place of business , Autolife Followers are welcome to bring whatever vehicles they own and mingle with other followers , meanwhile ,Autolifes photographers will do the rounds and snap some photos of these rides and present them in a gallery at the conclusion of the night , when everyone is done with ‘catching up ‘ we will either cruise to a new location or visit one of Perth’s local eateries / hang out spots.

other then mingling , attendees are encouraged and have the opportunity to approach our photographers and discuss there vehicle with them or if  interested , arrange a private shoot or ‘feature’ shoot the vehicle.

the changes to the streetlook project is in hope to create a relaxed automotive event in a NO hoon/muppet atmosphere , any vehicles ruining this will be photographed by one of our photographers and those photos handed to law enforcement if they happen to visit or ask.




if any of these promotional methods appeal to you , please contact us now for more information using the ‘ contact us ‘ link at the top of our site!