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Nishi-D Practice Day – Soukoukai Drift Event

August 29, 2020 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Australia/Perth Timezone
Drift School WA

What is a Nishi-D soukoukai?

A ‘soukoukai’ (pronounced soh-ko-kai) is the Japanese word for ‘track meet’ or ‘practice day’. Naturally, as we replicate Japanese drift courses this is a fitting name for our events.

HOW DOES IT WORK? – Driving at a soukoukai event is simple & easy. Simply visit the website link, select the date, input your details, pay online and rock up on the day with your drift car, helmet, long sleeves, long pants, enclosed shoes and you’re good to go!

WHO WILL BE DRIVING? – Drivers are placed in groups with their friends, or with other drivers of similar skill level. This keeps the amount of cars out on track to a nice amount where there are no line ups and you can complete lap after lap to hone your skill. Solo run? Tandems? Team drift? It’s up to you!

MAXIMUM DRIVING TIME – All our lay outs are essentially a loop. This means all cars in your group are out on track and there is no requirement for a flag marshal to signal you to do a lap. You may drift the entire time with little interruptions.

TECHNICAL & EXCITING – Typically, our replicated lay outs have been chosen for a reason. They are designed to push the driver and challenge their skill, we believe this is an exciting way to drive and technically skillful drivers will find that doing the course correctly is very rewarding.

COMPETITIVE? – A soukoukai is catered to being a fun & relaxed atmosphere to enjoy drifting together (keep the egos at home). At the end of the day, we hold a small tournament with qualifying and solo/tandem battles, with beautiful trophies presented to the top 3.

PRIZES – Every driver in our soukoukai will go home with a gift, ranging from something as simple as potato chips, to a pair of wheels! A raffle is drawn and fun games like group scissors paper rock (jan ken pon) are played for some big prizes! Stay till the end!

FUN WITH FRIENDS – One of the best ways to enjoy drifting, is taking your friends & family as a passenger to show them what you do. This is a great way to help them understand the sport of drifting, and for a passenger wristband of $50, they can ride with you all day.


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