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SilviaWA September cruise

September 28, 2019 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm Australia/Perth Timezone

It’s time for SilviaWA’s Quarterly cruise. Meeting on Saturday, the 28th of September at 8:00pm, departing around 8:30pm.

SilviaWA club cruises are restricted to those who drive a Nissan “S” series car. Eg: s12, s13 Silvia/180sx, s14, s15.

The map will be available from the meet point for a GOLD COIN donation. We have the right to refuse you a map if we the feel the need be. Eg: Non “S-chassis” cars and banned members.

We place a strong emphasis on safe driving at all our Club Cruises, so if you intend to come along please obey the road rules. Inappropriate driving will not be tolerated. If we see you driving stupidly expect a warning and to be denied a map at the next cruise.

In the spirit of safe driving, this month we ask that all attending come prepared. Too often we see people missing turns, following other members home or trying to make a turn at the last minute. Knowing what is ahead on the route keeps everyone safe and increases the fun of the cruise. We attend these events to join like minded people and enjoy our rides as a group. With this is mind we hope that everyone that comes down this month brings a suitable map reader, plenty of fuel and a car that is in good condition. We ask that you know where you are going before you have to go there. Ask your map reader to give you at least 2 turns before you need them so that you can work out what lane you need to be in and if you need to account for other traffic to get there. We ask people to stay as a group, alert to your friends around you.
Remember it is a cruise. There is no point driving by yourself and no point in trying to be first. The most enjoyment can often be found in the middle of the pack. If a light up ahead has been green for a long time, prepare for a red and slow down (again, keeping the crew together). Don’t pull out in front of a truck that will cut everyone off from you. Slow down in front of right hand lane hogs to allow others to get through before a merge point.
While these are small actions, they can make a big difference between another night driving around, and a real, fun cruise.

SilviaWA Club Cruises are also alcohol and drug free events so anyone found drinking/hot-boxing their silvia will be refused a map and asked to leave or share.

So cruise on down for a chat and also check out some of the Silvia’s Perth has to offer.

Cruise Coordinator


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