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Front page text blocks , Logos or full banners space is available to purchase and range from $10 to $35 per month

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onsite and inpost adverts also avalible aswell as ‘ sponsored posting ‘
A sponsored post is a post on our site which is paid for by an advertiser. From time to time advertising companies offer us sponsored posts which connect advertisers with our viewers and these posts help pay our bills ( Travel expenses , photo gear etc) and assist us in obtaining the level of coverage we provide , we prefer these posts to be automotive orientated and relevant to our services .

if your interested in advertising or sponsored posting , contact us and we will discuss how this can work for you!

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Pricing as of June 2017 – 

Banner advertising bottom  – banner shown on articles and posts at end of page    :   $15 a month 


Banner advertising top  – banner shown on articles and posts at top of page    :   $20 a month 


1 block  – small block shown on articles etc and end of page, can be video/photo/image or text  :    $10 a month    


Right Side block – always visible regardless of page ( except full page articles/coverage ) –   – can be video/photo/image or text 

$30 a month