Autolife Live streaming and Pay-per-view

Autolife Perth Live Streaming and Pay-per-view

Please note  : this service has now been taken over by Demand it now media solutions , our sister company specializing in live streaming and video work 

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Autolife perth has been streaming live events for a few years now and has recently been working on a platform to stream live events and gatherings at a more professional level.

We currently have 5 cameras that can be used for various aspects of live streaming , from live panel / chatshow work , interviews , live concert steaming , racing or live action events.

Our services are completely portable , meaning we can shoot from a studio or all the way out bush provided we have mobile coverage or access to wifi/data , we can even run power free if need be using inverters , solar and generators for power.

Our services can be streamed live to facebook/youtube/twitch etc for free viewing or you can request a pay per view system

Pay per view means the live stream we produce is locked down to paying viewers only , the viewer pays for a pass , being either a day or weekend access pass , which grants them access to the live stream and video on demand if they miss something  , This is a great way to reach more viewers and offset gate sales

initial costs can be recouped through ticket sales and offering airtime or banners/advertising during the live cast , meaning there will be more profits for your event and less overhead costs

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