Event Coverage — January 18, 2014 at 12:31 am

Motorvation day 1 Wrap-up


Day one started off pretty good, we got there around 6pm with the first supercruise session to commence at 6:30 pm. A lot of tough cars , some we recognize and others new to the game , first casuality was a commodore down the far end of the track , and a few dramas at the end of the night in the mega skid comp ( pictured )

Skid comp went off without any issues!

all our live coverage this year is at http://fb.me/autolifeperthwa聽 where both dodgee and i will be updating all weekend!

Anyway we wont keep you up! , we have to be at the plex at 8am

Ciao for now!

20140117-mv28fri_UL_8020 20140117-mv28fri_UL_8023 20140117-mv28fri_UL_8034 20140117-mv28fri_UL_8036 20140117-mv28fri_UL_8039 20140117-mv28fri_UL_8049 20140117-mv28fri_UL_8052 20140117-mv28fri_UL_8076 20140117-mv28fri_UL_8116 20140117-mv28fri_UL_8139 20140117-mv28fri_UL_8189 20140117-mv28fri_UL_8275 20140117-mv28fri_UL_8355 20140117-mv28fri_UL_8467 20140117-mv28fri_UL_8536


  1. Look at the post 馃檪 a few in there 馃檪

  2. Yeah, just had a squizz. Commodore hit the wall?

  3. Believe it or not , he actually hit a sea container at end of track lol … Acting silly

  4. Oh. That’s what happens when you hook I suppose.

  5. Looks like fear had a drama?

    Krep the smash photos comin 馃榾

  6. Yeah fear smashed his tailshaft

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