Other news — July 21, 2016 at 6:02 pm

The 2016 Autolife Perth peoples choice opening soon!


Autolife perth-4

back in 2012 we created a little competition called the Autolife Perth peoples choice where the followers of Autolife Perth voted for there favorite car of 2012 , the winner was featured on autolife and crowned 2012 peoples choice for the year

Well its now 2016 and its back ! , the 2016 peoples choice will be running in the same fashion as the 2012 competiion whereby followers will submit there car and the same will vote on the best , we will then do a full feature on Autolife Perth!

so keep an eye open as its all beginning very soon !

the competition will be running via facebook so i suggest you head over to our page and give us a like


below was 2012’s peoples choice , click here to see the feature



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