Event Coverage — December 8, 2013 at 6:56 pm

Custom cars and coffee December meet


We had two photographers prepared for what was promising to be a massive morning of hot cars and hot coffee at the monthly ‘ Custom cars and coffee ‘ meet in Fremantle and it didn’t disappoint .

Another fine morning filled with Hot rods , Euros , JDM and exotics all crammed into the carpark at Captain munchies in freo , the car park was nearly half full before the 8pm start time !

Both Bruce and i did the rounds and captured some beautiful cars , had a chat to some of the regulars and did some general mingling

here’s a bunch of photos from both of us .. enjoy!

Photos by :
Ryan Annear – Fully Automotive
Dodgee bruce  – Firebird Photography


[nggallery id=232]



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