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Dub City

Sometimes when working on old cars you get tired of chasing problems with them, you just want to get a new car and be done with it. just get in it and everything works nice with the little luxuries like air-con and sound proofing etc. but what do you do to set yourself apart from the multitude of other stock cars on the road??

Well when your Cristopher Sterndale and you own “First Class Customs” in Bibra lake,  you take one already vinyl wrapped car and make it just a little bit better”, easy done!.Once you find a set of rims and colour code the lips to make it ‘pop’ that little bit more, then you’ll never lose it in a carpark!

His 2010 mk6 golf is just that little bit more special in that it has the “Twin charged” engine, yup, both a turbo AND a supercharger, and with that much poke you’d expect to have a few clutch replacements to contend with, especially when you add a blow-off valve to the turbo! not that you can do a lot to these engines when a smart-as computer controls the whole shebang, but a little bit extra doesn’t hurt! add to that some coil overs with stiffer springs and details to the interior and you then have a really nice late model car that looks good, goes better than stock, and has those little extras that just make the daily grind a lot more enjoyable.

and that’s one ride i could live with! if you want your ride to stand out from the others then shoot chris an email (christopher@firstclass-customs.com), OR check out his facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/firstclasscustom – and see what he can do for your car!


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Feature by Dodgee Bruce – Firebird photography

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