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Pithara Burnouts – 16th September 2017


It was time for our first burnout competition road trip for the 2017/2018 season and Pithara was the host town this time around, Pithara is a small town about 2 hours north of Midland or 3 hours 30mins from our own home and to date one of the longest drives we have done for a long time for a burnout competition but we thought what the hell! , let’s check it out , the weekend was pretty much free so off we went  , the burnout pad is located at the Pithara Speedway right in the middle of the track !

Not only were there burnouts but they hosted the WACA Stereo competition there aswell, bringing a number of big install cars into the mix and quite a large crowd enjoying the demos and big bass setups. Another event that was cool was the ‘ Dash for Cash ‘ which involved 15 burnout cars racing around the speedway track as fast as they can which the crowd enjoyed quite a lot !

The pad was smaller than any other burnout comp we have shot in the past but this made it a pleasure to shoot as we were closer to the action and light wasn’t an issue.

A great country atmosphere mixed with skids and good company made it a great weekend

Check out our full gallery below

Event Name : Pithara Burnouts

Event Date: – 16th September 2017

Event Location : Pithara W.A

Photographers Contributing to this gallery : Ryan Annear – Fully Automotive ,

Link to Full Coverage :http://www.fullyautomotive.com/photostorev8/events/pithara-skidfest-16th-september-2017/


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