QUICKlook Features — May 16, 2013 at 10:07 pm

Toms Holden HR


Howdy Autolife Followers !

Welcome to our new section , the Autolife QUICKlook features , in this section we will be featuring some of Perth’s rides in brief and short photo sessions . Dont expect too much info about these rides , thats not what its about , its all about showing off the ride and maybe a small amount of info about it

our first mini feature was kindly accepted by Tom , this is his Dads Holden HR that hes driving while his other rides getting some work done to it , we dont have a lot of info about it yet except that we know his dads had it a LONG time!

the shoot was planned for another location but it pelted down and we found a dry spot and shot the below photos . keep an eye out in this section for more to come!









20130510-hr_UL_9364 20130510-hr_UL_9348




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