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Whoop ass Wednesday – 17th September 2014


Wednesday nights just keep getting better, tonight’s Whoop ass Wednesday was a complete sellout by 8pm , there were 180 cars all ready to drag race on Perth’s only legal drag strip.

The mighty rotary powered white corolla was back again tonight bursting our ears aswell as some tough holdens with turbo’s and a very nice old school falcon futura turbo also busting our ears on the burnout line.

Check out the full skid/burnout line gallery here

20140917-waw_UL_6692 20140917-waw_UL_6693 20140917-waw_UL_6695 20140917-waw_UL_6696 20140917-waw_UL_6697 20140917-waw_UL_6698 20140917-waw_UL_6699 20140917-waw_UL_6700 20140917-waw_UL_6701 20140917-waw_UL_6733 20140917-waw_UL_6734 20140917-waw_UL_6736 20140917-waw_UL_6767 20140917-waw_UL_6786 20140917-waw_UL_6802 20140917-waw_UL_6807 20140917-waw_UL_6868 20140917-waw_UL_6916 20140917-waw_UL_6925


20140917-waw_UL_6971 20140917-waw_UL_6973 20140917-waw_UL_6978 20140917-waw_UL_6980 20140917-waw_UL_6981 20140917-waw_UL_6988 20140917-waw_UL_6991 20140917-waw_UL_6998 20140917-waw_UL_7016

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