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YOURautolife – Cool cars – viewer submissions


Welcome to the YOURautolife cool cars viewers submission page

upload your photos of any cool or interesting cars or anything random automotive related  , we have started the ball rolling with a few photos from our own iphone collection uploaded using the ‘ YOURautolife ‘ photo uploader

submit your photos below  – Photos are added automatically , we will add your credit if you had specified your name on upload when possible

***android users , the standard browser may not work  , click here to install chrome for android  if it fails **

[wordpress_file_upload uploadid=”2″ uploadpath=”uploads/coolcars” uploadrole=”all” uploadpatterns=”\*.jpg,\*.jpeg,\*.gif” createpath=”true” dublicatespolicy=”maintain both” redirect=”true” redirectlink=”http://autolifeperth.com/yourautolife-cool-cars-viewer-submissions/” notifyrecipients=”webmaster@fullyautomotive.com” userdata=”true” userdatalabel=”*your name/any notes or info regarding your photo” medialink=”true” postlink=”true” gallery=”true”]


  1. Won’t let me upload the photos. Saying it’s taking to long,

  2. From what ? A mobile ? .. May have to raise the wait time tonight

  3. I managed to upload 30 photos from a iphone this morning with no wait errors .. Let me know what you’re using 🙂

  4. Photos from my camera… Yeh I seen some of your photos on there

  5. Hrm maybe they Are too large to upload , are you able to resize them and try again ?

  6. Yeh I’ll give that ago

  7. I don’t want to have to have people resizing photos , I’ll try change the wait time but that may be a temp fix … Still a few little bugs to squish 🙂

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